LB Seniors' Hip-Hop Dance Diaries

“I thought (Hip-Hop) was for youngsters, so I wanted to see whether I could do it!” – Mdm Lucy, LB AAC @ Bendemeer 32 

In the melodic spirit of the Bee Gees, we echo their timeless anthem, “You should be dancing.”

That is the spirit that over 40 seniors from LB AAC @ Bendemeer 32 and Mei Ling 150 embodied as they took to the dance floor earlier this year, picking up a variety of Hip-Hop choreographies to jam to. Despite them armed with little to zero experience in dancing, our seniors approached each of the 20-plus sessions with utmost enthusiasm. Their commitment to learning and enjoying the process shone brightly, making each dance step a reflection of their vibrant spirit.

Jeremy Tan, their dance instructor who is not new to teaching seniors, uses fun prompts such as “cleaning the table”, “opening the window”, even “plucking fruits from the tree”, to make the dance steps relatable and easy to remember.  These prompts not only give the seniors more amusement but make the whole dancing lessons more delightful, thus encouraging them to continue coming back for more.

Jeremy (left) uses terms such as "washing hands" to help students remember dance moves.

When I hear the music, my body automatically starts to move!” – Mdm Winnie, LB AAC @ Bendemeer 32 

In line with LB’s objective to promote active and positive ageing with our activities, these dance lessons helped strengthen our seniors’ psychomotor skills, and boost their confidence to step outside of their comfort zones. The holistic benefits of these lessons were evident, as dancing not only serves as a form of exercise, but also helps the seniors to work on their coordination. Putting in the effort to remember the choreography allowed the students to keep their minds active, as they not only had to learn each step taught to them, but also memorise the entire sequence of the choreography. 

Friendships were also formed during these lessons, as many of the initially shy and reserved seniors eventually did warm up to each other and became more at ease to reach out to their fellow dance-mates; thanks to dancing’s ability to foster self-expression and confidence.

Seniors expressed that they eagerly anticipated each lesson not just for the dance, but also for the opportunity to have fun with their newfound friends. What began as a simple lesson had evolved into a cherished experience they looked forward to attending.

“It’s the fun, the experience, the music!” – Mdm Rachel, LB AAC @ Mei Ling 150 

These dance lessons also offered a key to building intergenerational connections, particularly with the interactions that the seniors had with their instructor. Jeremy mentions that he had significant takeaways from the lessons, “Instead of me just teaching them, I also learnt a lot about their culture and their values based on their experience.” Such meaningful exchange of conversations between him and the seniors created a space where everyone bonded and gained much knowledge from each other.

Swatting away the preconceptions of seniors busting Hip-Hop moves, our seniors effortlessly executed their performance with grace and energy, truly proving that “age is just a number”; it’s the spirit and passion that make a good dancer!

Coming together in the name of music and dance, as young volunteers from Love Button Global Movement join the seniors at LB AAC @ Mei Ling 150 to record a video.

Watch the final video below!

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