our books

Befriending Conversations

Published by the LB Befriending team, the book contains personal anecdotes encountered by our staff during their befriending journey. It features the life stories of 20 seniors as they share their past occupations, passions and hobbies.

LB's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This is a compilation of the key milestones and achievements over the years. It is also a tapestry of heart-warming stories shared by our staff, volunteers and clients. We hope the book will inspire our readers and motivate them to continue to support LB to serve the seniors in the community.

Comic series “Knock Knock Who’s There?"

This series of comic shares the lighthearted scenarios often experienced by our staff and volunteers. Readers will find the stories relatable as many will also encounter similar situations when spending time with the seniors. We hope to draw more people across ages to better understand the elderly as well as the people who befriend them.