Gym Tonic

What Is Gym Tonic?

1) Gym Tonic is a programme for seniors that promotes strength training exercise as a type of medicine.

2) At Gym Tonic, seniors are provided with customised training programmes where workout loads are adjustable based on the individual’s fitness level and condition.

3) Using modern hydraulic exercise machines that are less stressful on the joints along with a user-friendly interface, seniors are able to perform the exercises with ease.

4) Gym Tonic’s training software is used to rigorously track exercise progress during the programme.

5) As a form of preventive exercise intervention, Gym Tonic efficiently combats frailty and minimises fall risk among seniors.

6) Upon completion of a 3-month programme, seniors generally achieve an average of a 20% increase in muscle strength.  Such improvement is based on data captured during pre- and post-assessments done to assess seniors’ ability to perform certain exercises.    

Who Is Eligible For Gym Tonic?

1) Seniors who are at least 60 years of age and able to follow basic training instructions.

2) Ambulant, independent, and able to walk without assistance.

3) No health complications, e.g. stroke, fits or undergoing rehabilitation.

4) Must be able to commit for training twice a week.

What Are The Charges For Gym Tonic?

Membership fees include 24 workout sessions over 3 months.

A) Normal Rates
$15 per hour, twice a week (24 sessions)

B) Pioneer Generation / Merdeka Generation Rates
$12 per hour, twice a week (24 sessions)

C) Blue CHAS Card Rates
$10 per hour, twice a week (24 sessions)





How Do I Contact Gym Tonic at Lions Befrienders?

Gym Tonic is located at LB AAC @ MEI LING 150:
Address: Block 150 Mei Ling Street, #01-59 Singapore 141150

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm

Tel: Call 8721 8591 for bookings / enquiries.