Our vision, mission, values & strategy


A nation where every senior is active, healthy and happy.


To provide friendship and care for seniors to age in place with community participation, enabling them to enjoy meaningful and enriching lives.

Outline of Plan and/or Strategy

LB strives to achieve its vision and mission by:

  • Taking a holistic and senior-centric approach with respect to outreach, delivery of programmes and services
  • Rolling out innovations and initiatives spanning from prevention to intervention
  • Strengthening and optimising our volunteer-driven service delivery model
  • Leveraging on an effective and sustainable network of funders, donors and collaborators
Our goal is to reach out to all seniors by providing them with a better quality of life and reinforcing our position as the market leader of the healthcare and eldercare industry.


  • Relieve the loneliness, isolation and boredom of lonely seniors
  • Facilitate integration of lonely seniors into the community
  • Facilitate empowering of our lonely seniors
  • Promote community participation in caring for the seniors
  • Promote active and positive ageing
  • Encourage lonely seniors to age in place with community support

Core Values

These values are represented by the acronym CIRCLE.

  • Commitment – We pledge to give our best to enrich the lives of those we touch
  • Integrity – We uphold trust and accountability in all we do
  • Respect – We honour the individual’s rights and beliefs
  • Compassion – We serve with kindness and openness
  • Leadership – We inspire and empower change for a better future
  • Empathy – We listen, we feel, we care