LB Tech care

LB Tech Care

LB Tech Care is dedicated to leveraging on technology to create a comprehensive and personalized care ecosystem – the I-OK Ecosystem – that promotes independence, safety and social connectivity for seniors. 

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I-Relate helps LB volunteers better empathise with seniors via a GERonTologic (GERT) age-simulation suit, which mimics the common impairments in sight, sound, touch and movement that seniors experience. LB is the first social service agency in Singapore to offer this experiential course for volunteers.

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I Say No To Scam

Through a user-friendly web application that comprises a collection of educational videos and engaging quizzes, I Say No To Scam empowers seniors with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognise and combat various types of scams. 

Detection/ Early Intervention


IM-Happy is a software that leverages on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology to assess facial emotions in real-time, allowing early detection of seniors who may have mental or emotional needs and concerns.

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Home Based


IM-Alert uses an A.I.-based application called CognICA to detect mild cognitive disorder (MCI) and dementia in seniors, providing comprehensive test results to understand seniors’ cognitive function and thus enabling prompt intervention to mitigate potential deterioration or health complications.


To address concerns over the safety of seniors who live alone, the IM-OK tablet device empowers these seniors to proactively self-report their well-being at home by tapping the “I’m OK” button on the device at scheduled times daily. The device can also be customised to seniors’ needs, such as sending medication reminders, receiving online doctor consultation and accessing entertainment apps.

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Active Ageing Centre Based


IM-Healthy is developed by LB as a one-stop, self-service vital health measurement station. Located at all 10 LB Active Ageing Centres (AACs), the station easily records seniors’ health components such as blood pressure, heart rate, muscle mass, body fat and more. This information can be shared with the seniors’ family members and healthcare professionals to track changes in health status or quickly detect potential health issues.

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Lions Befrienders closes the digital gap with the use of technology into daily activities (Segment 1)
(CH8, Silver Carnival 银色嘉年华, 31 August 2023)


AIDEN is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that can deliver items such as meals, groceries, medication and laundry to the doorsteps of frail or homebound seniors living in HDB flats, and even conduct check-ins on their well-being. Borne out of a joint collaboration between LB and Delta Electronics, the pilot trial for AIDEN was launched on 13 October 2023, serving daily meals to LB seniors at Blk 151 Mei Ling Street. AIDEN boasts the unique capability to move vertically within a building by taking lifts without requiring any expensive overhaul to existing lift infrastructure. These cost savings will allow AIDEN to be swiftly and efficiently deployed in various settings and applications, pending its successful trial.

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