LB Staff

Get to Know Our LB Staff

Explore the diverse paths and journeys that led our LB staff to where they are today, and discover how their stories have impacted the communities they serve in meaningful ways. We hope these stories may inspire you and highlight LB’s commitment towards those under our care. Find out more about our LB staff’s personal and professional growth, as well as the skills and expertise they bring to their roles within the organisation. 

Love Beyond Borders

Aung Kyaw Kyaw, or Joe as colleagues fondly call him, is a Myanmar national who joined LB’s Home Personal Care (HPC) team in June 2023. Though from a foreign land, Joe has overcome cultural and language barriers to love and care for our seniors as a Healthcare Assistant. We catch up with Joe to find out more!

Maintaining a Restful Home

Rozita, a Care Coordinator at LB, facilitates and administers the day-to-day operations of the SGH programme at Mei Ling. She checks on the residents to ensure things are running smoothly at home. It is important for Rozita to get her clients to open up, so that she can understand their needs better.

Lending a Listening Ear

Mr Lo, 85, wakes up each morning simply thankful for being able to experience a brand new day. Though residing by himself in a rental flat, Mr Lo doesn’t feel lonely. Besides interacting with his neighbours, he looks forward to regular visits from Hui Xin, a Befriender Executive under LB’s Befriending services.

Enhancing the Psychological and Social Well-Being of Seniors

A social work intern sits fastidiously in a quiet room at LB’s Community Case Management Service (CCMS) office located in Clementi. Across the table, he faces his supervisor, Benjamin. A weekly coaching session begins, as the young intern provides updates on a real- world CCMS case he is working on.

Empower to Engage

Janice Lim, Centre Manager of LB AAC @ Clementi 344, joined LB in early 2021 brimming with ideas, corporate expertise as well as volunteering experience that brought a fresh perspective to the table. 

A Heart of Service  From Corporate Powerhouse to Senior Care Champion

An illustrious career spanning more than 20 years has seen Steven Wong set foot in far-flung corners of the globe including the Middle East, Europe and China, where he helmed top management positions and spearheaded various multimillion-dollar projects in the manufacturing and hospitality industries.

Building a Safe Haven for
LB Seniors and Fellow Colleagues

While waiting for Angeline Ang to arrive for the interview, her infectious laughter and warm greetings can be heard echoing down the hallway.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Meet Rebecca Chua, a Social Worker who joined LB CCMS @ Clementi / Bukit Timah in January 2022. Rebecca’s passion for social work stems from her involvement in her church’s volunteering activities over the years, from which she developed a sense of mission towards empowering seniors who lack the means to cope with their circumstances

A Day in the Life of LB Frontliners 

Want to know what an LB Frontliner does? Check out this video to find out more about a day in the life of our LB Counsellor and LB Healthcare Assistant!