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Volunteer Photographer

Everyone can take a picture of anything in this world, but not anyone can evoke stories through images. We are looking for passionate individuals with a flair of storytelling through imagery and an eye to do more than merely documenting people, places and events.

Your photos record a gamut of feelings and raw emotions of our seniors – happy, sad, surprise, joy and et cetera.

With your camera, you ‘speak’ for the isolated seniors within the community through your lens, creativity and imagination. Even more importantly, through your visual narratives of hope, it brings out a compassionate society of care and concern.

  • Available for project basis (e.g. approx. one month)
  • Keen to interact with seniors
  • Must have own editing software and editing skills
What you'll do
  • Document and capture images of feelings, emotions and reality
  • Take ownership of your artwork and to grow it into a sustainable social cause


*Who we want is someone who can advocate for a good cause. Essentially, you are everything, but someone who takes publication for
LB or marketing purposes. We are seeking more than shots of handshakes and grand appearances of VIPs. Even the most spectacular
photos/videos can trigger nothing if devoid of emotion.

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