Senior Helping Seniors

Mdm Kwok (left) posing for a picture with her seniors

Mdm Kwok is one of few seniors who demonstrates that age is just a number. At 72, an advertisement on the newspaper sparked her interest and got her started on a volunteering journey with LB. “I thought to myself, since I am healthy and active, why not use my time meaningfully by volunteering?” said Mdm Kwok. Now in her eighties, she has spent a decade befriending and serving seniors residing at Lower Delta. Willing to go the extra mile, Mdm Kwok would make an additional trip to Chinatown to buy lunch for the seniors before stopping over at their place. The desire to meet their physical needs is what spurs her on despite the distance. As a firm advocate for active living, Mdm Kwok follows her exercise routine diligently and rises before dawn to clock her runs everyday. Being a senior herself, she recognises that ageing is a part of life and encourages her seniors to not fear but embrace it by living life to the fullest. A healthier lifestyle will allow her to continue engaging the seniors for more years to come and be independent in caring for her own needs.

Mdm Kwok (standing) and Mdm Ah Muay

Dependent on her motorised wheelchair, Mdm Ah Muay often speaks pessimistically of her life and health condition. Living alone proves to be challenging and lonely, but Mdm Kwok’s friendship and companion have brought warmth and solace to Madam Ah Muay. The conversations and the stories of Mdm Kwok have greatly encouraged Mdm Ah Muay and reminded her to find joy in the valleys. “Mdm Kwok helps me to have a more positive outlook of life and uplifted my spirits through the years,” said Mdm Ah Muay. In the face of old age, Mdm Kwok never stops learning and sets an example to her seniors by staying active both physically and mentally. “Time is precious and so long as I am healthy and able, I will continue supporting these seniors,” said Mdm Kwok.

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