Journeying through Depression

Mdm Lee Moy Yin spent five years caring for her husband after he fell ill in 2013. The sole caregiving responsibility weighed heavily on her shoulders and consequently, she fell into depression and struggled to carry out her duties daily. After the passing of her husband in 2018, Moy Yin’s depression worsened and she felt a constant void in her life.

Things took a turn for the better when Moy Yin joined Clementi SAC @ 366 later in the year. At the centre, Moy Yin was given the opportunity to find social support and build confidence while making new friends. Through active participation in the outings organised by LB, Moy Yin started to cultivate an active and healthy lifestyle. “I wouldn’t leave my house if not for the outings. LB has injected a lot of fun and excitement into my life,” said Moy Yin. Apart from the precious friendships forged, Moy Yin has found a community of support that she can fall back on. “Ever since joining us, Moy Yin has appeared livelier and more jovial,” said Tracy, the Centre Manager of Clementi SAC @ 366. Having friends to turn to has immensely encouraged her to move forward fearlessly and develop a positive outlook in life.

The SAC soon became Moy Yin’s second home and she started to help out whenever possible. A former janitor, Moy Yin offered to take up the role as a part time housekeeper at the SAC and took pride in keeping the centre spick and span. During the haze season, Moy Yin would rise early in the morning to prepare nourishing pork rib soup and green bean soup, which help seniors to detox and boost their immune system.

Suffering from long-term eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma has inevitably led to Moy Yin feeling despaired from time to time. However, the words of encouragement from the staff and volunteers would lift her spirits and keep her hopeful of making a full recovery someday.

Today, Moy Yin has regained her smiles and despite being left alone without her closest kin, she has derived a sense of purpose and meaning in life through receiving from and giving to others.

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