I'm no longer afraid

Growing up as a timid person, Siew Kee struggles to open up to people around her as she fears falling in with the wrong crowd and offending people with her words. As a result, she held back interactions with new people and was mostly alone.

Her life however took a complete turn after joining Ghim Moh SAC. Committed to the growth of her seniors, Molly, the centre manager, went the extra mile to understand Siew Kee’s challenges and journeyed with her to overcome her gripping fears. Knowing that Siew Kee delights in learning, Molly patiently encouraged her to participate in various centre activities, such as their own catwalk competition, handicraft sessions, flower making, to name a few. The relationship built over time assured Siew Kee of Molly’s good intentions and she gradually learnt to trust her guidance. Siew Kee is now more proactive, even in establishing precious friendships with her fellow seniors. Grateful to the Lions Befrienders staff who have supported her growth ever since, Siew Kee acknowledges LB as her second home and offers her help whenever possible.

An all-time favourite activity for Siew Kee has to be handicraft work. She enjoys tapping into her creativity to produce different art pieces, some of which are sold in the centre and at roadshows to help raise funds for LB. As a community partner of the JurongHealth Campus Good Neighbour Day, LB set up a booth to recruit volunteers and fundraise with the seniors’ merchandises. Siew Kee took part in the making of crochet animals, which were sold at the event.

Earlier this year, Siew Kee participated in the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay “Footwork for Community Intergenerational Dance Project”, an initiative that encourage intergenerational bonding, where secondary school students and seniors spent weeks picking up basic hip hop moves from professional instructors. Siew Kee readily raised her hands to take part, and even fronted LB in a video interview with Esplanade. “If the young can do it, why not me?” said Siew Kee. An activity that she would otherwise never have participated in turned out to be a fulfilling learning experience for Siew Kee, which she deemed as an achievement unlocked. At the end of the day, Siew Kee’s story serves as a reminder that we are never too old to learn and we might just be awed by the opportunities and growth awaiting us beyond our comfort zone.

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