giving back by giving blood

Mr Chua with his certificate recognising his 50 blood donations

Does the thought of blood make you squeamish? Do you have a fear of sharp needles? Certainly, the answer to both these questions is no for Mr Chua Teow Thong who has donated blood a whopping 55 times up till the point he tuned 60!

Mr Chua joined the Lions Befrienders (LB) Active Ageing Centre (AAC) at Ghim Moh around 9 years ago with the encouragement of his wife. Since then, he has regularly participated in the activities organised by the AAC, including games such as bingo.

“I have made many friends since joining the LB AAC,” Mr Chua said as he showed a photo from the Makan fellowship in 2018.

Despite his difficult start in life, having started work since he was 12 years old, Mr Chua was still resolute in his goal of contributing back to society in his own way by donating blood on a regular basis.

Since the age of 24, Mr Chua has been donating blood for the benefit of the community. Mr Chua has been recognised by various authorities, including the Ministry of Health, for his outstanding contributions. Mr Chua jovially shared how he would donate blood at least once a year for over 34 years without his wife’s knowledge until he received his certificate in 1991 for donating blood fifty times

Mr Chua in Brunei

Mr Chua also proudly showed off photos from his time working in Brunei’s lumber industry, including pictures of him in front of a private single-manned plane which he took. His wife next to him jokingly commented how much heavy labour he had to do despite his small stature. It was evident how Mr Chua believed in hard work, quiet determination, and a willingness to contribute back to others – an ethos he kept through all his years of work and every time he made the effort to donate blood in spite of the tough physical work he was doing.

“I was told donating blood could save lives and I just decided to help out whenever I was available,” Mr Chua shared, grinning.

Mr Chua with the friends he has made in LB

For over three decades, Mr Chua remained steadfast in his contribution back to the community through his regular blood donations. Truly, his dedication and generosity are an inspiration to us all.

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