giving back at old age

Mdm Teow (right) posing for a picture with her senior, Mdm Ye

Born an orphan in Malaysia, Mdm Teow lived with her aunt before venturing out on her own to experience life. She met her late husband at an Opera Theatre and they moved to Singapore to settle down. With two daughters living abroad, Mdm Teow lost her only companion when her husband passed away in 2000. Subsequently, Mdm Teow was invited to join LB as a senior to receive friendship and care in the community, but she turned it down and explored the opportunity to volunteer instead. “I can still walk and move around, so I’d rather volunteer,” said Mdm Teow.

At 89 years old, Mdm Teow is the oldest LB volunteer, but age is just a number when it comes to volunteering. The sprightly senior has a young heart that seeks to uplift other seniors with her vibrant and exuberant personality. In the 20 years that she dedicated to serving seniors like herself, some younger than her, Mdm Teow’s constant presence and support has touched their hearts and lives.

Prior to COVID-19, Mdm Ye, a senior under Mdm Teow’s care, was an active participant in outings and activities organised by LB. The pair has been good friends for ages before Mdm Ye was recommended to join LB. With the suspension of activities, Mdm Teow’s friendship, companion, and care helped Mdm Ye tide through the difficult period. Mdm Ye shared, “Being confined at home felt like I was living in the prison. Mdm Teow’s visits made a world of difference to me.”

As one who does not like to be cooped up at home, Mdm Teow collects cardboard daily as a way to earn extra money and as a form of exercise. Mdm Teow also rides the bicycle to stay active and productive with her time. In view of her age and health, Mdm Teow’s ability to continue volunteering is often questioned; however, she believes that growing old is not a reason to retire. “I am still healthy and able-bodied today. I will continue volunteering as long as I can,” said Mdm Teow. Volunteering isn’t without challenges, but the joy and satisfaction of impacting lives outweigh those challenges for her. Mdm Teow is proud of how far she has come in this volunteering journey, and looks forward to serving and supporting the seniors in her care for more years to come.

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