Uncle George, in his seventies now, is always sharing his life stories or bringing laughter to the room with his quirky and effervescent personality. On top of visiting Bendemeer SAC, it is part of his daily routine to head down to his garden to water and check on the plants and flowers. First discovered 5 to 6 years ago, gardening is a hobby that has enabled Uncle George to stay joyful and fulfilled. As he gives a tour of the garden, he introduces a few of his treasures, such as the pandan leaves, plums, curry leaves and butterfly pea flowers, all of which he tenderly cares for. Out of his generosity, Uncle George contributes his pandan leaves for the centre to make tong sui (Cantonese sweet soup) every Friday. The butterfly pea flowers, which have notable health benefits, are also offered to the other seniors for cooking purposes or making tea.

Well known as the centre’s handyman, Uncle George chips in to help whenever possible. Equipped with the necessary tools from his previous jobs, Uncle George acquired the role to repair wheelchairs, water taps, tables and chairs when needed. He also frequents other seniors’ place to assemble new furniture such as cabinets and closets.

Coming from a less well-to-do family, Uncle George was oftentimes tied down with long working hours in his younger days. As a retiree today, he finds joy taking life slow and devotes most of his days learning new things and participating in various centre activities. He is grateful to Lions Befrienders for providing him an avenue to stay active in the community. From contributing to others through his gardening lifestyle to being of service to his fellow seniors, Uncle George has found a greater sense of purpose and meaning in his golden years.

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