Finding purpose in the work of their hands

Mr Chiang and his hand-crafted plant decorations.

It is said that passion makes everything possible. For Mr Chiang Yit Beng and Mdm Seng Hong Noi, their passion for handicrafts allows them to explore their creativity and provide a sense of fulfillment, giving meaning and purpose to their lives.

Mr Chiang, who is turning 89 this year, used to work as a handyman for a small company. With over 33 years of experience, he was incredibly adept at fixing things such as water taps and door locks. If there was anything beyond his abilities, he would consult professionals and learn from them. Throughout the years, he was driven by the passion and love he had for his job.



One of Mr Chiang’s intricate plants with pink, white and yellow flowers.

 After joining LB’s Ghim Moh AAC a year ago, Mr Chiang has put his skills to good use by creating handicrafts. Finding great pleasure in creating things from scratch, the centre hosts many of Mr Chiang’s masterpieces such as plants, small fishes, and interior decorations. Utilizing the same tools and items he used for his job in the past, it has become second nature for him to make things with his hands. He is also keen to impart his skills to other seniors, adding that “if they want to learn, I will teach them.” It is especially meaningful for him when his handicrafts are put up for fundraising.


Mdm Seng showing a photo of her artworks.

When the Internet and YouTube were not available, Mdm Seng picked up knitting on her own by following Japanese artbooks from a young age. She proudly shares all her artworks that were photographed and kept as fond memories in her phone. She shared, “Doing handicrafts gave me peace and helped keep my mind off all the bad news during the pandemic.” Today, she is mastering new forms of handicrafts from a teacher at Ghim Moh AAC. Participating in the centre has also allowed her to form bonds with like-minded seniors who share the same love for handiwork.

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