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Mr Raja had a rebellious youth where he often took part in gang fights and got suspended from school at the age of eight. After leaving home, he supported himself by doing odd jobs that paid only 20 cents a day for 10 years. Without proper guidance growing up, Mr Raja eventually ran afoul of the law for drug-related offenses. Today, he suffers from multiple health conditions due to the constant lack of care for his physical health. 

Life took a turn for Mr Raja in 2018 when he came under LB’s Cluster Support programme to receive care and social support for his ailing health. For the last three years, he has undergone operations for health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, sialoliths, and coronary artery disease. Despite a long and arduous recovery, Mr Raja is appreciative of the medical aid, financial assistance, and daily meals he receives from LB.

Mr Raja with LB’s Case Manager, Cluster Support programme, Regina Sin (right)

With the commitment to leave his former habits behind, Mr Raja took steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Mr Raja shared: “I do not wish to become a burden to others. Change must start from me.” Thankfully, he was empowered to do so with LB’s help. “Mr Raja feels comfortable coming to us as we understand his needs,” said Regina Sin, Case Manager, LB Cluster Support programme. As Regina faithfully attends to Mr Raja and goes the extra mile to offer a helping hand, mutual trust and confidence were built over time. Knowing that help is just a phone call away has certainly brought a sense of reprieve to Mr Raja’s heart.

Touched by the support he received, Mr Raja made an effort to heed the life and health advices through taking ownership of his health and living responsibly. He shared: “The LB staff has helped shape me into a better person. Hearing their advice was encouraging but applying it in my life was what made a difference for me. I am truly grateful.”  

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