A Blessing in Disguise

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of many seniors, who have suffered the ill-effects of social isolation during the Circuit Breaker. The Senior Activity Centre is a lifeline for the seniors who have nobody by their side, and the suspension of activities was tough due to the sheer loneliness that they felt at home. While this was the case for most seniors, the pandemic came as a blessing in disguise for LB’s senior, Mr Sim Chin Chye. Despite being registered as a member of LB, Mr Sim rarely visits the centre as he was occupied with his work as a taxi driver before the pandemic. Trying to make ends meet, Mr Sim struggled to find business on the road in the last few months and his working hours were reduced as a result of it. To adhere to safely precautions, his weekly church service and gathering were also cancelled. With more free time on hand, Mr Sim decided to heed the advice of his neighbour and revisited LB Tampines SAC @ 434 after Circuit Breaker.

Mr Sim participated in the centre activities for the first time in a long while. Although safety measures were in place with no interactions between the seniors at the beginning, he felt contented and overjoyed to try something new in life. Similar to most seniors, winning prizes and gifts is Mr Sim’s favourite part of the activities. “Mr Sim exhibits so much zeal and energy in his engagement in the centre that you can tell that he is not here to pass time but truly having a good time,” said Cindy Wee, Centre Manager of Tampines SAC @ 434. At the weekly Ogirinal Virtual Game Show organised for the SAC seniors, Mr Sim was often captured in video dancing enthusiastically to the music during the mass dance activity.

With his renewed commitment in the centre, Mr Sim’s life appears to be more vibrant and less mundane now. “Even though I earn lesser, I have more time to read, pray and come to the centre. Unlike in the past, it was just driving, driving and driving the taxi with no extra time for other activities,” said Mr Sim.

As a Christian, Mr Sim trusts in God’s guidance and purpose for him in the centre. At only 63 years old, Mr Sim is one of the younger seniors in the centre and he wishes to contribute by serving the older and less mobile seniors. To him, it can be as simple as lending a helping hand to seniors in need during activities. Most grateful that he is placed in the centre for a good purpose, Mr Sim looks forward to using his time and energy to serve others.

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