About Senior Group Home

The Senior Group Home (SGH) programme is an assisted living model that reaches out to frail seniors, enabling them to co-reside independently in designated HDB rental flats retrofitted with elder-friendly features. The aim of SGH is to provide comprehensive support to the seniors through services such as meals on wheels, medical escort transport and home nursing.

The SGH programme is an initiative developed and funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development in collaboration with the Housing Development Board and Social Service Agencies. Agency for Integrated Care is the gateway for all referrals.

Lions Befrienders runs the SGH programme at Tampines and Mei Ling.

Lions Befrienders Senior Group Home (SGH) at Tampines 499C

Funded through the sponsorship of Trailblazer Foundation Ltd, Senior Group Home (SGH) reaches out to frail seniors, enabling them to co-reside independently in designated HDB flats retrofitted with senior-friendly features. From ceiling-mounted electric laundry racks with motorised lowering and lifting for ease of hanging clothes, to furniture such as beds and wardrobes that are custom-built to heights ideal for seniors, and many more.

Each flat, occupied by two seniors, comes with non-intrusive technologies such as fall detectors that are activated by both visual and sound, as well as contactless sleep and respiratory monitoring sensors. The seniors are also equipped with an IM-OK device, where they can check in to self-report their well-being every day.

Comprehensive community-based services such as social activities and support for meals and medical needs are also offered to the seniors.

Programme Objectives

  • Allow seniors to remain in the community with a sense of autonomy and control over their lives as they age
  • Reduce social isolation and enable lonely seniors to age in place with the community through co-residing arrangements
  • Provide care and social support to vulnerable seniors through the facilitation of support services

Profile & eligibility criteria

  • 60 years old & above
  • Singapore citizens
  • Limited or no family support
  • At risk of social isolation
  • Certified by a doctor to be fit for communal living and/or participation in communal activities
  • Physically frail and facing a decline in their health, but do not require 24/7 monitoring by care staff
  • Eligible for HDB Rental Housing

Refer a Senior

To refer a senior, please email