plant a tree of love

Plant a Tree of Love 4 Lonely Elderly

Your love is a gift to me no matter what I do,
Whatever challenge I inflict, you always see me through.
You’re strong and steady as the earth, bringing peace amid the storm.
Tethering me to stability, your love keeps me safe and warm.
Without you I’d miss all that’s right and good.
You’re my link to sanity, and your selfless sacrifices is as deep deep sea.

Thank you, Mom, you are a Priceless Gift to me.

Instead of expensive dinners, flowers and gifts, you can celebrate Mother’s Day by Planting a Tree of Love in her name for the lonely elderly. 

Plant a Tree of Love Today and Pay it Forward!

  1. Share with your friends and family
  2. Post it on your social media
  3. Set up a fundraising campaign in your company or among friends to raise fund for Lions Befrienders
  4. Contact us to engage our vulnerable seniors