let's recycle together

Let's Recycle Together

“Let’s Recycle Together” is a collaboration between Lions Befrienders, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) and Zero Waste SG to empower seniors with recycling knowledge and enable them to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Everyone has a role in reducing waste, and help should be offered to demographics requiring more support in taking action to meet the national goal of achieving a 30 per cent household recycling rate in 2030. Thus, this community recycling programme was customised to help seniors aged 60 and above with physical constraints and target neighbourhoods with a higher proportion of elderly.

The pilot programme took place over four months at 14 housing blocks in Mei Ling Street of the Queenstown estate and concluded in November 2023. Apart from our partners and seven Mei Ling AAC core senior volunteers, individual and corporate volunteers joined forces to collect and sort out recyclables over six door-to-door collection sessions. Volunteers not only provided the physical manpower but also educated residents on proper recycling processes.

Together with consistent engagement on how to #RecycleRight and #RecycleMore, as well as the deliberate efforts of APBS, Zero Waste SG, all volunteers and community residents, a total of 857kg of recyclables were collected! This consisted mainly of plastic, paper, metal, and glass.

We could not have achieved such great success without APB, Zero Waste SG, the Mei Ling core senior volunteers, our Mei Ling AAC colleagues and all volunteers’ unwavering support. We were thrilled to hear seniors had learned proper recycling techniques, and that they will go on recycling on their own even after the pilot programme has concluded.