Maintaining A Restful Home

Rozita (left), a Care Coordinator, checks on LB Senior Group Home resident Mr Seow (right) about two to three times a day.

Mr Seow, 74, lives in a one-room flat at Mei Ling Street, co-residing with a fellow senior. Neat and clutter free, the unit is well-ventilated with fans mounted in the living room as well as above the seniors’ beds. Sturdy built-in furnishings such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes afford ample storage space for each occupant’s belongings. The TV comes on as Mr Seow tunes in to the afternoon news. Nearby, a grab bar is strategically installed at the entrance to the kitchen to provide firm support as well as fall prevention. This is LB’s Senior Group Home (SGH), a safe, restful haven for Mr Seow for the past four years.

Facing health and mobility issues, and without any family support, Mr Seow was referred to the SGH programme following his discharge from hospital back in 2020. SGH is an assisted living model in which HDB rental flats are retrofitted with senior-friendly features, allowing frail seniors to age in place in a comfortable and safe environment that they can call home.

For example, a recent upgrade to the SGH saw each flat designed to allow the seniors a greater sense of privacy. The units were given a fresh coat of paint, along with an electrical laundry rack. Non-invasive technologies were added to detect for fire and fall, while breathing and heart rate sensors were also incorporated to detect abnormalities during sleep.

The programme also provides community-based support for these seniors, so that their health and well-being are taken care of. In Mr Seow’s case, this includes Meals on Wheels twice daily, and light housekeeping services once a week from LB’s Home Personal Care team. To promote digital inclusivity, LB’s IM-OK device is given to Mr Seow for his use.

Rozita Salleh, a Care Coordinator at LB, facilitates and administers the day-to-day operations of the SGH programme at Mei Ling. She visits Mr Seow’s flat about two to three times a day, checking on the residents to ensure things are running smoothly at home. Mr Seow is generally quiet and reserved by nature, but Rozita, with her chirpy personality, tries to engage him in conversation. Knowing that he has a keen interest in reading and watching the news, she asks Mr Seow about the latest happenings both locally and around the world. 

It is important for Rozita to get her clients to open up, so that she can understand their characters better. By building up trust, the seniors become more forthcoming in sharing their problems, and she can better assist them accordingly.

Rozita’s work with Mr Seow has paid dividends, as evident from the camaraderie developed between the pair. Mr Seow greatly appreciates Rozita’s regular presence at the SGH, giving him the care like a family member would. He says, “I can speak to her about anything. She helps to provide all the things that we need.

Rozita constantly communicates with residents at the SGH, getting to know them better and understanding their needs.