A Heart of Service

From Corporate Powerhouse to Senior Care Champion

Steven Wong, Centre Manager of LB AAC @ Bendemeer 32.

An illustrious career spanning more than 20 years has seen Steven Wong set foot in far-flung corners of the globe including the Middle East, Europe and China, where he helmed top management positions and spearheaded various multimillion-dollar projects in the manufacturing and hospitality industries.

Today, with a wealth of experience under his belt, Steven sits in LB Active Ageing Centre (AAC) @ Bendemeer 32 as Centre Manager, overseeing day-to-day operations, programmes and services to ensure LB seniors at the AAC receive the best possible care. His reason for taking up this role: To make a difference in the lives of seniors. Steven seeks to transfer his perspective and expertise honed at the peak of the corporate ladder to the AAC, engaging his team with an authentic leadership style and communicating with LB seniors using a personal touch.

Prior to joining the LB family in 2022, Steven, a trained medical doctor, also worked with NUS Medicine and Duke-NUS researchers to study the immune response of COVID-19 vaccines in children, which equipped him with the knowledge of the latest developments in healthcare.

“(My medical background) allows me to identify our seniors’ physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual well-being, and develop programmes that fit their needs, helping them improve their physical and mental health,” he adds.

Besides regular activities such as Yoga and Karaoke, some programs specially catered to the demographics of the AAC’s service area include Mindful Farming, as well as a focus on creativity and innovation in Art & Craft sessions.

Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Management, Steven continues to strive for excellence as he leads the AAC on a transformative journey to effectively serve the seniors. He says, “I am proud to be part of the team at the AAC, and I am committed to providing service to our seniors with the care, empathy and respect they deserve to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.”

Steven and his team enjoy a hearty Yoga workout session together with LB seniors..