Mr Fang & Mdm Wang 1

Love Like Flowing Water

Almost every weekday at around 9.30am, the sight of 90-year-old Senior Fang Bo Xin and 89-year old Senior Wang Wen Rong strolling side by side towards the outdoor pavilion near LB AAC @ Tampines 434, where they would join fellow LB seniors in taking part in morning exercises organised by the AAC, paints a blissful picture of happiness.

Interview on Hip Hop Dance Lessons

LB Seniors’ Hip-Hop Dance Diaries

In the melodic spirit of the Bee Gees, we echo their timeless anthem, “You should be dancing.” That is the spirit that over 40 seniors from LB AAC @ Bendemeer 32 and Mei Ling 150 embodied as they took to the dance floor earlier this year, picking up a variety of Hip-Hop choreographies to jam to.

yu li cover

Yu-Li: Fame, Family And Fulfilment

In any discussion on Singapore’s Mandarin popular culture of the 1960s and 70s, an iconic name that cannot be left out of the conversation is Lucy Phua, or Miss Yu-Li (尤丽) as she is widely known. Today, after more than 40 years since stepping away from the media spotlight, Lucy, 79, enjoys a simple but vibrant lifestyle, often being out and about around her neighbourhood in the heart of Bendemeer.

Heart Of A Fighter

Giving up is never an option for Ms Looi who battled with Cancer and underwent multiple surgeries in her golden years! She strives through the challenges that life throws at her, and does it valiantly and unwaveringly. A believer of an active and healthy lifestyle, Ms Looi, now 78, is a strong advocate for yearly medical check-ups, as early detection of her Cancer saved her life. 

Mr Goh and Mdm Lee 1

Stories Of Enduring Love (II): In Sickness And In Health

LB seniors Mr Goh Leng Seng and Mdm Lee Beng Guat, both 67, first met when a mutual friend of Mr Goh and Mdm Lee’s elder sister introduced them to each other. It turned out to be a perfect match, as Mr Goh and Mdm Lee decided to get engaged merely three months following their initial encounter, walking down the aisle soon after in February 1990.

Stories of Enduring Love

Stories Of Enduring Love (I)

As we celebrate the season of love, we bring you the stories of LB senior couples whose marriages have endured the test of time! In Part I, read about two sweethearts who fell in love at first sight, as well as Mdm Wu, who once tried to play matchmaker for her future husband Mr Loke!

Cycling at east coast park (ECP)

Fear Not Of The Big C

Fear is never an option for Mr Tan who battled cancer twice, and lives on happily and actively to tell the tale! Known to be a resilient and an overcomer of sorts, Mr Tan Seng Kin, 80, is now an active senior at the LB AAC @ Tampines 434. Reminiscing about the past, he said when the doctor first told him of the grim news, he remembers asking on the next steps that must be taken.  As a practical person, he simply refuses to overthink problems and instead focuses on the solutions.

Unified by Art

Unified By Art

Seniors and youths with different ethnicities, backgrounds and worldviews, mingling and teaming up to adorn blank canvases with art that represents their collective inspiration, stories and thoughts on racial harmony within the landscape of Singapore’s past, present and future. The notion of such an ambitious project may sound like a far stretch, but this is exactly what LB seniors, alongside young volunteers who joined them on this creative journey, succeeded in achieving!

Senior Tan Yew King

70 And Fit As A Fiddle

He has completed eight full marathons, clocking a personal best timing of 3 hours and 46 minutes, as well as an ultra-marathon that spanned more than 50 kilometres. All this, for someone who picked up running in his thirties! Today at 70 years of age, LB Senior Tan Yew King continues to maintain his body in tip-top shape. He shares with us about his fitness journey, and more!

Senior Justin Foo 1

Senior, Volunteer, Caregiver: Spreading Purpose All Around

At an age where many opt for a more relaxed pace of life, 66-year-old Mr Justin Foo is a senior from LB AAC @ Clementi 344 who has instead taken on the roles of an active volunteer dedicated to serving fellow LB seniors, as well as a full-time caregiver to his 94-year-old mother.

Julie Chia 1

A Cheerful Heart Is Her Best Medicine

Though petite in stature, LB senior Julie Chia carries a huge personality and an infectious smile that instantly endears herself to people around her. She also often draws reactions of amazement and disbelief whenever she reveals her age. At 96 years young, Julie is a picture of vitality and strength.

LB Senior Lucy 1

Blossoming Amidst Adversity: An LB Senior’s Road To Rejuvenation

Lucy Lim and her husband have led a simple but contented life. Well into their golden years, the elderly couple were finally ready to enjoy the fruit of their life-long labour together. But nothing could have prepared Lucy for what happened next as her world came crashing down.

Elevating Seniors: A Retired Carpenter Building Others Up

Senior Chai often responded proactively to the things he could help out within the AAC, which he saw as his second home. With 55 years of experience in carpentry work, Senior Chai recently volunteered to put his honed craft into action when he saw there is a need he could fill in with his skills.

IMG_6955 blanke 3

Stitching Warmth: Raising Funds for Seniors One Patchwork Quilt at a Time

With National Cancer Survivors Day on June 4th, our brave LB Senior June’s life story serves as an emblem of a fighter. In her 70s, She fought against two major ordeals, including breast cancer, without support from her close kin. Currently, June, having successfully overcome cancer, actively helps other seniors by creating a variety of artworks to raise funds for LB Mei Ling AAC.

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How Sharing of Lifelong Learning is Caring for Both the Giver and Receiver

Betty started sewing artworks from young. Surprisingly, at her current age, the main motivation for her joining a variety of handicraft courses voluntarily is no longer merely an interest in sewing.  After retirement, Betty’s new role as a pouch-making art coach to the LB seniors has led her to make a new meaningful artwork – the silver years of her life, by creating a tapestry of experiences that is fulfilling and fun.

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