I-OK Ecosystem

As a home care wellness companion, the LB I-OK device will teach and empower seniors to self-account their well-being every day to staff or their next-of-kin. A list of individualised entertainment and senior-friendly games are also added to keep the seniors engaged and mentally stimulated. It also contains digital literacy-related features such as cyber-security tips and a scam simulation app to educate the seniors on how to stay safe online.

Safepod Ecosystem

In a collaboration with Temasek Foundation, LB piloted the Facial Analysis Correlation of Emotions (F.A.C.E.) programme using AI to map positive and negative emotions of seniors in real-time. The analysis helps counsellors accurately diagnose mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and anxiety. It also assists LB’s social workers, counsellors, and case managers in organising care planning based on the analysis and screening results, thus enabling our seniors to receive earlier and better care.  

Cognetivity's CognICA

Cognetivity’s Integrated Cognitive Assessment (CognICA) technology is used to detect mild cognitive impairment and dementia in seniors using an artificial intelligence based application. The technology provides comprehensive and detailed cognitive test results that can be used by GPs, specialists or for the ongoing monitoring of seniors at the clinic or at home. It will be an effective tool to understand the seniors’ cognitive function, and allow for prompt access to resources and support needed to mitigate potential deterioration and health complications.