forget me not

Forget-Me-Not in COVID-19 Pandemic

“I wake up daily longing for my children and grandchildren to call or visit me. They hardly do. I am now old and useless”, lamented 88 years-old Mdm Kamsiah.

Mdm Kamsiah is just one of the many seniors in Singapore who is left behind by their own families. She once took up two jobs as a cleaner to provide for her children. Today she is a widow living alone in a rented flat plagued by loneliness. The pandemic has aggravated her feelings of loneliness and depression.  

When was the last time…
You appreciated your parents for their selfless sacrifices?
You thanked them for their unconditional love?
You said to them “I love you”?
You said to them “I am sorry, please forgive me”?
You bought them a gift or had a meal together?
You hugged them just like when you were young?
You called them and asked about their well-being?

Words cannot describe the width and depth of every parent’s love. It is Priceless!

At Lions Befrienders, we make it our mission to reach out to socially isolated and lonely seniors like Mdm Kamsiah and provide them with holistic care required to lead happier lives. Today, Mdm Kamsiah found her family in the Lions Befrienders Active Ageing Centre.

Your contributions are important for us to access resources and outreach programmes to mitigate isolation and loneliness in seniors like Mdm Kamsiah.