Empowering seniors to age meaningfully

Karin teaching piano to seniors.

As a freelance teacher for 10 years, Karin spent most of her days teaching piano to young children. She was inspired to teach piano to seniors when she chanced upon LB’s Ghim Moh AAC one day.

For about four months now, Karin has been teaching two seniors every session as a volunteer. All piano keys are numbered on the scoresheets to aid the seniors’ learning. This also prevents frustration and encourages seniors to continue learning the skill. To evoke a sense of familiarity and motivate their learning, Karin prepares familiar songs and tunes for seniors to play to.

Karin shared: “It’s an entirely different experience teaching the seniors as compared to children. My goal here is to befriend the seniors.” She fondly remembers hearing the seniors share about their lives and families. She is grateful to provide a listening ear and simply be a friend to them.

Mdm Judy Tan playing the piano.

As one of Karin’s students, Mdm Judy Tan completed six piano classes before graduating in December. “I feel very happy that I finally fulfilled the wish of learning to play the piano.” For her, it has been a life-long dream to learn the piano and she is touched to accomplish it in her seventies.

Some of the songs that she learnt to play are Mary had a little lamb, Jingle bells and Amazing Grace. She looks forward to playing the piano in the centre and would take up more classes if she could.

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