Choosing Not To Be A Victim To Circumstances

Mr Kwang Choon Kee was doing manual work as a mover for the better part of his life until a workplace injury forced him into early retirement 16 years ago. He had no savings and no living kin, and if not for the government’s Public Assistance scheme, he would not have been able to cope financially.

Grateful for every bit of aid that is and has been rendered to him, Mr Kwang is contented with what he has, and steadfast in his belief that one should be independent in managing one’s own finances and making the best of what one has.

Now at 71 years old, his left leg still aches whenever he walks too long a distance, but Mr Kwang is determined to stay active and not to let his past affect him. Because he does not like to stay cooped up at home, Mr Kwang would always walk around his neighborhood every day without fail, sometimes strolling to the shopping mall nearby.

Without any family members around, Mr Kwang says he is happy to have the companionship and support of the befrienders (volunteers) from Lions Befrienders who visit him every Saturday even though he was initially apprehensive about the befriending service. The staff also noted that he now seems more cheerful and open to social visits from other people when they got to know him better.

Mr Kwang would usually spend time together with the befrienders over coffee at the coffee shop near his rental block, and enjoy the occasional sponsored outings that Lions Befrienders arranges for him and other seniors. What he most appreciates about the befrienders is their care and concern for him – “They (his befrienders) are very punctual and committed, and will always inform me if they cannot come. What they say, they will do”.

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