Active Ageing Centre

An Active Ageing Centre (AAC) is a drop-in social recreational centre that extends support to seniors living nearby in the community. It is a go-to point for seniors to have the opportunity to build strong social connections, take part in recreational activities, and contribute to the community as they wish.

Centres will provide an “ABC” suite of services:

  • Active ageing programmes
    A variety of activities such as handicraft, Taekwondo, Korean Dance, percussion, cooking and exercise programmes 
  • Befriending and buddying 
    Social support to seniors through house visits and phone calls
  • Information and referral to Care services
    Information on schemes, grants and support, and referrals to appropriate services

Programme Objectives

  • Opportunities to interact with others and make new friends
  • Interest groups – music, handicraft, exercises, gardening, etc
  • Learning & development activities – use of smartphones/tablets, language, sports; health, law, nutrition, and medical talks

Profile & eligibility criteria

  • Senior Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 60 years & above
  • Seniors staying near the AAC

Refer a Senior

If you know of seniors who meet the above criteria, you can invite them to drop by one of our Active Ageing Centres today. Click here to view the locations.