Julie Chia, 96, radiates much joy and warmth.

Though petite in stature, LB senior Julie Chia carries a huge personality and an infectious smile that instantly endears herself to people around her. She also often draws reactions of amazement and disbelief whenever she reveals her age. At 96 years young, Julie is a picture of vitality and strength.

“Whenever I visit the doctor he would remark, ‘Aunty! How do you keep yourself in such great health?’ I would then reply, ‘If I were that healthy, I wouldn’t be here seeing you!’” she chuckles.

Those wishing to know the secret to Julie’s longevity would unlikely find it in her diet. “I eat whatever I feel like having,” the chirpy senior exclaims. She enjoys dining out, often walking to the different coffeeshops near her Tampines studio apartment for lunch, that can range from anything between a bowl of bittergourd soup and a plate of char kway teow (stir-fried noodles).

Indeed, Julie currently requires medication to manage her cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, but perhaps her best medicine is a cheerful heart, and a positive outlook that sees her approach each new day full of enthusiasm and vigour.

“Happiness is a choice,” she says. “When I’m upset, my friends can immediately tell from my face, but I do not harbour anger in my heart for long. I’d forget all about it within a short while!”

Julie leads a simple yet structured life. Every morning, her breakfast consists of three items – a glass of plain water, a serving of oatmeal and a cup of kopi-o (black coffee) that had become an indispensable part of her diet since her early days. After carrying out some light exercises that involve stretching and kicking, she does her own housework, meticulously cleaning up her apartment before taking a cool bath. She is then ready to head out, always dressed impeccably to set the tone for the rest of her day.

Living by herself has not caused her loneliness or boredom either, as she has a circle of good friends whom she regularly meets and partakes in various activities with at LB AAC @ Tampines 494E, located just a stone’s throw away from her apartment. On weekday afternoons, Julie is a frequent sight at the centre, where she engages in her favourite Qigong exercises alongside fellow LB seniors. Hearty laughter and chatter can also often be heard emanating from the table where she and her friends are playing a game of Rummy-o. Even on weekends, when the AAC is closed, Julie does not coop herself up at home, but opts to go out for leisurely walks around the neighbourhood to stay active.


Julie (right) plays a round of Rummy-O with friends at LB AAC @ Tampines 494E.

When probed on what keeps her so cheerful each day, Julie replies, “Don’t worry so much about today, for you won’t know what tomorrow brings. If I can eat, I will eat! And when my friends ask me out, I will say ok. For me, at this age, to still have friends, shouldn’t I be delighted?”

Julie (middle row, fourth from left) enjoying an excursion with fellow LB seniors.

Such is Julie’s zest and vivacity, that she was recently selected to be featured in《前线追踪》Frontline, a Chinese-language current affairs programme on Mediacorp Channel 8, which documents her as a shining example of active ageing among seniors. She even got invited back to the programme for a National Day Parade (NDP) 2023 special episode, in which she is given tickets to watch the NDP Preview show together with her close friends and staff from LB AAC @ Tampines 494E!


“A cheerful heart is good medicine”, and Julie certainly lives up to this proverb! LB wishes Julie continued good health and joy each day, and we look forward to seeing her smile light up the people around her always!

Watch Julie’s appearance in《前线追踪》Frontline’s National Day Parade 2023 special episode on Mediacorp Channel 8:


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